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Parents Association
The body shall be known as the G.S. Lohia College Parents' Association. All Parents and Guardians of pupils enrolled in the College are deemed to be members of the Association. The Association recognises that problems relating to individual pupils or parents and/or teachers are a matter for determination between the individual pupil and/or parents/ guardians and the College authorities. The Association will remain independent but may affiliate to other bodies and Associations where such affiliation will be deemed to be of benefit to the College. Objectives
  • To support and initiate appropriate activities which advance the aims and objectives of the College, ensuring that such activities will not interfere with the process of management of the College.
  • To actively create and promote communication channels between parents and guardians provide opportunities for discussion, information and consultation about matters of common and or topical interest to parents, teachers and pupils of the College.
  • To promote and support the role of parents and guardians as the prime educators of their children.
  • To proactively create a sense of community among parents and guardians to embody the Ethos of the College so that all can advance in a spirit of co-operation and mutual support to the benefit of parents, guardians, pupils, teachers and the Community.
  • Where deemed appropriate, to support or lead fundraising activities related to the enhancement of facilities within the school and/or related to school charities.
  • To promote the co-operation of parents and teachers for improving the education facilities and programmes of the college and education in general.
  • To hold seminars, workshops, discussions and cultural activities and to arrange meetings of parents and teachers.
  • To encourage the staff and students of the college through incentives and awards etc.
  • To promote understanding and co-operation between members of the college and community regarding school life, work and social service.
  • To maintain harmonious relationship between parents and teachers for betterment of the students.
President: Mrs. Bishaka Agarwal
Vice President: Mr. S. P. Saha
Secretary: Mr. Bajranglal Kejriwal
Asstt. Secretary: Mrs. Reena Singh
Treasurer: Mr. Ranjit Gogoi