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Welcome to G.S. Lohia College

Welcome to our college website! We are thrilled to share with you the wealth of opportunities and resources that our institution has to offer. Our dedicated faculty, staff, and student body are committed to providing a transformative education experience and fostering a vibrant community.

The little sapling that was planted by Lohia family and some social workers of Tinsukia (Under Shree Kanya Pathshala Trust) in the year 1996 has grown to be a big tree giving shade and nourishment of knowledge and life lessons, along with co-curricular excellence.

GS Lohia College has gradually grown across the years adding many golden feathers. When this institute took its first step to begin its mission of integral development of girls in the society, it began with hardly any classes and very few teachers. Today, it stands as a skillfully architected building named ‘Lopa Mundra’ which was inaugurated in the year 2010 and was imbibed life into it when the long awaited classes began.

Our college aims to provide the highest quality education led by an exceptional teaching staff. We strive to imbue our learning experience with a good blend of distinctive teaching experience. Our institution has made a significant impact on the lives of many students by giving them an innovative and creative space.

As a centre of academic excellence and achievement, it has challenged the boundaries of knowledge, research and discipline.

If we talk of academics, we can say that the consistent efforts and hardwork of teachers and students have culminated into a large number of successful results over the years. The students of G.S. Lohia College have always proved themselves in academic fields and procuring the first ten positions in Dibrugarh University. At the same time, our students are the chief participants in organising various fests and celebrations in the institute. Every event in the college is handled and systematized solely by the students' body, which gives them a sense of shouldering responsibilities and prepares them for their future to tackle the circumstances better. Our college believes that the true potential of students cannot be realised through academics alone. Accordingly, our academic programmes are backed by appropriate co-curricular inputs promoting culture, sports, self-governance and values which leads to an all-round development in our students.

We at GS Lohia College uphold the legacy of commitment to high-end excellence, bestowed upon us by our visionaries.

Embracing a New Chapter: In a historic stride, our college proudly transitions into a co-educational institution in 2023, widening horizons for knowledge and growth.