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Red Ribbon Club

The programme will address the knowledge, attitude and behaviour of youth in the inter related areas of both HIV/ AIDS and sexuality, as demanded by their age, environment and lifestyle. Thus, Red Ribbon Club will serve as a complimentary and comprehensive prevention intervention to support and reinforce similar youth led initiative. Our College has a functional Red Ribbon Club with Mr. Pawan Sharma as the coordinator.


  • To reduce new HIV infection among the youth by raising their risk perception through proper education on sex and sexuality and HIV/ AIDS by imparting new skills on communication, self-protection, negotiation, care and support and effective group interaction; and
  • To prepare the youth as peer educator and agents of change by developing their skills on leadership and team building
Four Key Areas
  • Vibrancy of Youth;
  • Sex and Sexuality;
  • HIV/AIDS/STI; and
  •  Peer Education
For activity updates follow https://www.instagram.com/eco_and_redribbon_club_gslohia/  


You turn to the almighty in  times of atrocities . There are times , when you pray for the health and wellbeing of the people around you. You believe that God alone can save lives
But let us tell you,  that God lives within you and , that YOU also have the power to save lives, just through a simple act of blood donation #worldblooddonationday
Performed by- Avantika Das (4th semester)
Video credits - Tusti Agarwal (2nd semester)
[video width="640" height="640" mp4="videos/VID-20210615-WA0004.mp4"][/video]
AIKYAM- One with the universe
AIKYAM , which was held from 27th December - 29th December 2021 , was a three day event brought by the Red Ribbon Club and Eco Club of GS Lohia College. The first day of the grand event was marked by a beautiful opening ceremony followed by Quick Notch- a fun filled quiz competition. It was followed by Vidventure , where students were asked to record short videos on the given topic. Best shots , which was a very riveting event , included both mental and physical workout. The students worked in teams and got an opportunity to unleash their creative side. It was followed by a pad painting competition called Contemero on the topic 'Break the taboo' which was an another creative competition. The third and the last day was marked by the closing ceremony and Santa's Secret Party. It included bonfire, lot of fun filled games , dance and music and mouth watering dishes.