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Alumni Association 2018
President, Alumni Association
CA Sonam Agarwal, MCom Batch 2011 Based in Tinsukia Working as a Lecturer at G.S. Lohia College, Tinsukia Vice President, Alumni Association Ms. Neha Sharma Trivedi Batch 2009 Based in Tinsukia House wife, Home Tutor Pursuing MCom from Dibrugarh University, together with CA Skilled in Creative activities Secretary, Alumni Association CA Richa Rasiwasia Garg, BCom (Hons.), FCA Batch 2005 Based in Tinsukia Practising Chartered Accountant Experience as the President, Students' Council (2004-05) Joint Secretary, Alumni Association Priyanka Jasrasaria Goel, BCom (Hons.), CS, LLB Batch 2005 Based in Tinsukia Homemaker Treasurer, Alumni Association Chandni Agarwal, MCom Batch 2015 Based in Tinsukia Home Tutor Skilled in Cultural and Creative activities   Joint Treasurer, Alumni Association Neha Budhia Agarwal, BCom (Hons.) Batch 2008 Based in Tinsukia Proprietor at Picturesque Art and Framing Gallery, and Neha’s Cookery (Cooking Classes) Events Coordinator, Alumni Association CA Ritu Agarwal, MCom, CS Batch 2011 Based in Tinsukia Deals with the Accounting and Financial aspects of business Experience as a faculty at Women’s College, Tinsukia Online Coordinator, Alumni Association Darfashan Parveen, BCom (Major in Accounting and Finance) Batch 2016 Based in Tinsukia Student, Pursuing MCom from Dibrugarh University Works as a Freelance writer Skilled in Content Writing Executive Members, Alumni Association CA Ankita Bothra Katela Batch 2009 Presently based in Jaipur Practising Chartered Accountant CA Vinita Agarwal Batch 2013 Based in Tinsukia Practising Chartered Accountant Neha Agarwal, BCom (Major in Accountancy and Finance) Batch 2005 Based in Tinsukia Housewife Skilled in Creative activities Sakshi Agarwal, BCom (Major in Accounting and Finance) Batch 2016 Based in Tinsukia Works as a Freelance Photographer & Graphic Designer Skilled in Photography and Graphic Designing Sakshi Choudhary, BCom Batch 2017 Based in Tinsukia Pursuing Chartered Accountancy  

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International Womens Day-VOICE IT "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." Celebrating the accomplishments of it's esteemed alumni, G. S. Lohia College proudly attests to this powerful quote by former first lady Michelle Obama. The spirit and zeal of the women around us inspire us and our students every day. And this was proved true with the grand celebration that was conducted on 8th March at GSLGC to honour the International womens day. [su_custom_gallery source="media: 3498,3499,3500,3501,3502,3503,3504,3505,3506,3507,3508" limit="100" link="lightbox" width="100" height="100" title="never"]