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GenSen Committee
Gender Sensitisation (Gensen) Committee And Internal Complaints Committee G.S. Lohia College is committed to maintaining a positive climate at work, in which individuals can work together in an environment free of all forms of violence, harassment, and discrimination on the basis of gender. By the term 'Gender Equality', we mean the work-life balance, protection from any kind of harassment and the right to work with dignity, which is a universally recognized human right. A 'GenSen Committee' has been formed, which acts as a primary body to address the issues against gender inequality and harassment. Members
  • Sukomal Agarwal
  • Pushpa Sharma
  • Urmila Verma
  • Leena Trivedi
  • Tisha Goyal (1st semester, 2018)
  • Palak Agarwal (3rd Semester, 2018)
  • Self Defence Training sessions for a fortnight once a year
  • Classroom activities to break gender stereotypes.
  • Observation of Women's Day and Anti-Discrimination Day on 8th March every year with a panel discussion.
  • One to one Counselling session once a week 12 noon to 1.00 p.m. to boost confidence and morally uplift the students who are suppressed by the societal pressure of being a girl.