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From Principal's Desk
"Educaton is not prepraton for life;education is life itself." –John dewey

A campus is the canves of life the woven with the threads of emotions ,adventure, mission , accomplishment desire ,inhibitions,companionship,competitiveness, and memories to linger forever. the true essence of education of education is not merely in book but in the teachers’ deliberation,the bench mates, and the classmate sitting in the corner ,the toppers, the mediocres and the not so good players and the individual herself , throught it all.As an individual when one enters the Epitome of knowledge till the time she parts with confidence is an inexpressible journey.

G.S. Lohia college has evolved with a missionery zeal over the years through the ingenuity and statemenship of a few renoened personality of the town who have been selflessly associated with the cause of upliftment of education through all its avenues. It stand as a skillfully architected building named ‘Lopa mundra’inargurated in 2010. This place hold a distinctive aure in the midst of all the hustle bustle of the town with the calmness and serenity of a temple in the vicinity. Further the campus nudges one to a vibrant and enthusiastic atmosphere emanated by the liveliness of young youths.

Our college is fully equipped and is housed in an imposing building with all modern facility –large classroom with excellent public addressing system , a well-stocked library cum computer room, internet and medical facilities. Moreover the recently built state of art auditorium has been proficiently .designed whit an excellent acoustic system and has capacity of holding populous audience with provision of balcony enabling a vista view.

G.S.Lohia college stand as a trend setter in quality education. We ensure all-round development primarily by concentrated academic by individualist review and feedback mechanism.Academics is backed by appropriate co-curricular inputs by way of workshops and regular events and competitions to nurture all skill –culture,spots, literary, group coordinatons and self governance. The college calendar enlists the meticulously planned activities encompassing all facets.

As the newcomers step into the college they witness a fully fledged electoral process to nominate themselves , campaign and vote for the deserving candidates to from an autonomous student’ Council with varied departments- culture, library,sports,wall magazinesand their respective teams The council independently undertakes managemnt of various small and large scale events.

Events round the years:

1.Enfete –an inter college fest, where time waits fir talent is a four- day long enent tailored every year by brilliant mind in a splentsand magnificent manner.enfete compounds fervent planning, passionate practice,an extravaganaza of enjoyment, unparallel culture performance ,and literary composition and sports activites. Unveiling the hidden talent of mirror out anelegant picture of creativity, intelligence and innovation is the chief motive of propelling Enfete.

Mridul Todi

Principal, GS Lohia College